Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 331 - Wear Purple

I have the total plague today. I came home with a bucket of medications, so hopefully something will make me feel better, but until it does...plague. I should be just resting and stuff, but I had something to talk about today.

Today is Wear Purple Day, in support of gay teens.


When I was in high school in 1996, gay was the new black. One popular guy came out, and suddenly there was a huge "Me TOO!" going on. The more I hear about the bullying, the more I realize that I went to an exceptionally tolerant school - not something you would suspect in a primarily redneck Texas town.

I wonder why these kids are getting bullied so much now just because they choose to love someone of their same gender. Is it the internet? Is it that kids have such raging self esteem problems, they can't feel good unless someone feels bad? What is going on?

What I would say to these kids is to stick it out. It gets better. High school is 4 years of your life, and then it's over. Then you go off to college, off into the working world, and most of the time, people don't care that much about your sexual preference. You will always run into assholes. Straight or gay, you're going to run into some asshole who dislikes you because of ... well, any little thing. But you just have to keep being yourself because that is the most beautiful thing you can be.

And to the bullies - I hope that you manage to find what it is inside your own self that is disappointing you so badly, you aren't happy unless you pick on others. Let it go. Nothing is worth all of this sadness and it's a destructive path. If you don't like someone's choice in clothes, friends, or who they love - let it go. It's not your problem. It never will be. Find peace within yourself.

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Unknown said...

I love reading your blog and this entry nearly brought tears to my eyes. I don't understand what's going on with the increase in hate that seems to be going around.

I graduated HS in 01 and I am truly starting to think that the 90s were just truly a special time of tolerance and empowerment. I'm not sure what happened and it makes me sad.

Thanks for the post. I wish I realized I would have worn purple to work.