Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 332 - I hate the plague

I'm starting my slow recovery from the plague. Well, it seems slow to me. It came at a most inopportune time and I'm kind of angry about it. I had plans for Saturday that I can't do now because my lungs won't allow it. I have been stuck inside because the medication I take to stop the wild coughing fits makes me sleepy and dizzy. [This is not rare. Most medicine does.] I haven't felt like doing anything at all and have definitely given my iPhone a workout. Btw, Cut The Rope is the most awesome game.

But tonight I've had the energy to sit up at the computer. It's been nice, sitting in my house, handling rent, catching up on notecards and IMs. SL is something that brings me a great deal of peace on a daily basis, and I have missed it.


I suppose tomorrow since I cannot do what I planned on doing, I will finally get a chance to hit up a couple of gacha fairs, and work on my playlist for the Thorne-Darwin Halloween party this week. And hope I don't cough myself to death.

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