Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 338 - It's Coming

I feel November coming. I had rage today. Just...rage. I'm trying so hard to push it down, not let it come like in years past, but it's hard. It's so damn hard.

I spent some time tonight hanging with Ulaa out on her building platform.


She made that furniture, but it's not ready yet. She's got more, too. She builds & sculpts things herself - unlike a certain trashy skank "creator" I know who just pulls everything out of sculpt kits and couldn't build a decent house if it meant it would save her life.

Oops. No rage no rage no rage.

I think I need sleep.



Y'know, I admire builders who make their own sculpts (I can't).

But some of us can build even if we *do* buy them at times. Sure, just slapping a (bad) texture on a kit and setting them for sale isn't very admirable, but using good sculpts with good textures in combination with your OWN prim work, and fiddling around with .002 offsets and putting in great animations does take a whole lot of time and effort.

Few builders can do it all. Some are script wizards but can't texture, some people make great animations but can't do fabulous sculpts to make their own furniture. I think there is room in SL for people who have *some* of these skills but rely on those of others to make a superb finished product.

Ulaa's stuff looks great, but does she make her own textures, her own animations, her own scripts?

I'm not trying to be rude, really not, because I get just as frustrated as you do about 'lazy builders', and particularly after hours spent on choosing shapes, aligning, tinting, and adjusting scripts.

But please, please, accept that making your own sculpts is just ONE part of building and not one that defines a good builder (much as I accept that Ulaa is).

Alicia Chenaux said...

My comment was directed towards one certain creator who chose to run her mouth after checking out the competition. I certainly don't paint all of the creators in SL with the brush. :) I also have no issue with using sculpt kits, as long as they are modded and combined with the creator's own work and not just pulled from the box, as we all have seen people doing.

But, just since we're on the subject, yes, she does make pretty much 98% of her own textures now. I think most people would be surprised where the top texture sellers in SL get their stuff from. Very little - VERY little - is drawn by hand anymore. At least, not by the hand of the person who sells it. :)


Heh fine then... and yep there is a whole new generation of decoristas developing a certain... er... well I won't get onto *that* soapbox.

Good, non-ripped textures are hard to find and most builders worth their salt (well, some) do seem to know who to avoid now. But I'm happy to put Lindens into the pockets of some great texture ARTISTS, and delighted to have a friend who is a superb scripter so we work a lot together.

What I need now is somebody who makes their own animations who would be interested in collaboration but that's a projet for later :)

Love your blog btw and once again I wasn't accusing but wanted to point out that there's a fair few builders around who collaborate nicely and work using their specific talents. And, of course, there are no doubt plenty who take the really easy way out.

Emerald Wynn said...

*wants to know who the skank trash-talking creator is???* :-O