Friday, November 7, 2014

Sure, it's a BUG. But it's pretty!

On the recommendation of one of my lovely readers [Hi Annaluisa!], I headed out to Happy Mood tonight to look for sparkles for our little getaway. Happy Mood has long been one of my favorite places when I remember to go there, but I haven't been in a while. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff!! Everything always makes me want to re-do our parcel. Of course, we have snow coming at the end of the month, so redoing it now would be silly. :) Aldwyn caught up with me there and I guess he's never been, so we walked all over the sim looking at stuff.

While we were there, there were people wandering around, of course. There were two women there all decked out in fantasy type stuff - one was an elf and one was a drow. They looked great! But it led to the following conversation:

Aldwyn: You know those two probably look at us and think, "What freaks, looking NORMAL in SL!"

Me: Right? We're so boring!

*puts on antlers, my flower crown, and a butterfly*

Me: Done.

Aldwyn: You realize you have a huge butterfly on your head, right?

Me: I'm not normal! I'm quirky!

I'm not quirky. LOL!

After we were done looking around [it's too close to tier time for me to actually buy much], we headed back home. I took my antlers off, but I dunno, guys. I think the butterfly might have to stay.

Sure, it's a BUG. But it's pretty!

Luckily for me, he thinks I'm cute no matter what I'm wearing, so we're all good!

Speaking of the island, I'm going to have a parcel opening up within the next week. The people who rent my largest parcel need to downsize, so I'll be splitting it in half. It'll still be pretty generously sized and just over 1400 prims, so if you or anyone you know is looking for residential land that isn't all decorated and fancy, talk to me in world. :) We can be neighbors! I'll have more info after I actually do the land work and all that.


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