Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogger Challenge - What's In Your Bag?

So the ladies over at ShoppingCartDisco decided to throw down a little blogger challenge. I can never resist a good challenge! The challenge? What's in your bag?

The answer? A big ol' mess!!

This challenge struck me as funny because just last night I was thinking "Oh man, my purse is crazy messy. I need to clean it out." I probably should have before I saw the challenge. LOL


"Dump out your bag (no cleaning!) and post a pic of it. Men with messenger bags, this applies to you, too. Bullet-point the contents with amusing commentary."

If you carry a backpack, you should do it too! :)

I'm not sure how amusing my commentary will be, but here we go.'s the mess.

Blogger Challenge - What's In Your Bag?

* 12 - yes, count them - 12 lip glosses, lipsticks, and lip balms. One of them is even in a lipstick case. I think I have a problem. It should be 13, btw, but my favorite lipstick that I wear frequently right now is on my desk.

* 2 blushes. Why 2? I dunno. One's a brighter pink, one's a more mauvey pink. I don't even use either of them lately.

* 6 kinds of lotion. What?? I have dry skin! Well, kind of. Anyway, nothing wrong with moisturizing, and if it smells good, that's even better. Don't judge.

* Powder, eyelash curler, 2 mascaras, eye shadow, eyeliner, and makeup remover wand. For someone who barely wears makeup anymore... I don't know what to say.

* Hairbrush and scrunchie, even though scrunchies are apparently totally out. I have long, straight hair. The wind makes it look pretty messy sometimes, and if I go out to eat, I need to be able to pull my hair back so it's not falling in everything. I refuse to have short hair in RL.

* Wallet, random dollar bill, and about $10 in loose change. I am REALLY bad at just throwing change in my purse. But at some point I will not want to break a larger bill and I will use the self checkout and pay for my items in just change. I wait until a store isn't busy to do this, I'm not that rude.

* Cell phone & the headset/ear pieces thingy. We have a lot of school zones around and you can't use a handheld phone while you drive, so I have to keep that thing in there. I really need a Bluetooth thing.

* The cable thing to hook my camera up into the TV. I had to show my mom the christmas tree picture!

* An empty pack of gum, a pen, and spray on antibacterial gel. There's nothing funny about that. Oh, and a lighter, even though I don't smoke. I...I don't know how that got in there!

* And a bunch of receipts and coupons from the past month.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go write "My purse is not a trashcan, a piggy bank, or a cosmetics case" about 400 times on the wall.


Heather said...

It's funny, I really had you pegged as more of an Iris then a Tenshi. Who knew. :)

Shawn said...

/me wonders what that lighter is REALLY for ... lol

Don't feel bad, Ali ... just like desks, an unorganized bag is a sign of a creative mind =D

Great post!