Monday, December 15, 2008

Dress Me Up Challenge - Suggestion 3

I really do have a post that isn't a challenge post coming up. When I started writing it, it just sounded so bitchy, I have to go back and doctor it up. :)

But how I could possibly be bitchy when playing dress up, I have NO idea! Suggestion #3 comes from Krissy, who wanted to see me in the Vibe outfit from Bijou. Krissy is actually the person who introduced me to the wonder that is Bijou back in August. I really should be mad at her for that. ;) It's a store with designs that I love, but that aren't quite in my comfort zone. It's very...Carrie Bradshaw. But oh, the clothes!! I decided on the Vibe outfit with the purple scarf vest, because I loved the richness of the purple.

Dress Up Challenge - Bijou - 1

Dress Up Challenge - Bijou - 2

The outfit is made up of a sweater, scarf vest, and low-rise super tight jeans. I paired it up with some ballet flats & hair from ETD. I would totally go to a club wearing this, in RL too! I'm not a huge fan of gold, but I love the sequined gold splashes across the sweater.

I really like outfits where I can get a different look out of them, or use the pieces with other outfits. The Vibe outfit is awesome in that it comes with a few layers, including the sweater minus the purple vest.

Dress Up Challenge - Bijou - 3

I paired the sweater & jeans with white Liah boots from Jaywalk, and Jinglebell hair from Gurl6, which I THINK is still a dollarbie. I know it was at the end of last year, and I sure wore the smack out of this hair at the beginning of this year. I'm not a big fan of Gurl6, but I really do like this hair.

But one word of warning if you go get this outfit. The jeans are very low-rise. So not only do you need a wax, but you will be showing a bit of your crack.

Dress Up Challenge - Bijou - 4

Funny story, but RLBF was over here bothering me as I was editing that picture, and he said that if he was Santa, he'd totally stop there for my avatar. Then he asked what kind of Christmas porn I was making. *rolls her eyes*

Big thanks to Krissy for pushing me over to Bijou again, and for suggesting this really cool outfit!! I saw others I wanted while I was there...I may have to add "Bijou gift cards" on my list for SLanta!! Whew, that list is growing and growing... LOL

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Heather said...

Cute with the flats... I admit, I don't wear the jeans that come with it. I wear the Zaara jeans on the underwear layer. Although I did see a blogger put a big chunky leather belt around her waste so as not to show the crackage...