Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh, You Blooming Flirt!

As I've mentioned before, there are not too many jewelry stores in SL that I will shop at. I find most SL jewelry too clunky for my avatar and my tastes. But Skinkie Winkler's ~flirt~ is most definitely a jewelry store that I love! Ms. Winkler's jewelry is delicate and very well fitted for an avatar's body, due in large part to the fact that she doesn't use scripts [like looprez] to place her prims. Her prims are hand placed. And when you think about how teensy she can work a prim, it's double amazing to me that she has the patience do it!

So in the middle of all the snow and ice that have hit most of the sims in SL lately, Skinkie produced an absolutely adorable line of rings called Bloom.

Review - ~flirt~ Bloom rings

One of the things that I love best about jewelry from ~flirt~ is that in the pieces that I have gotten so far, there have been texture change scripts added. This really gives you the opportunity to match your jewelry to all your favorite outfits! The Bloom rings are no exception, with 6 metal textures and 12 crystal textures to choose from. There are 5 different [permanent] stones as inner petals.

Review - ~flirt~ Bloom ring

Something that I know a lot of partnered women will love is that rings for the right and left hands have been included, so there won't be any fussing about having a partnership ring knocked off, or having to reattach to the other hand and move around. Let's face it, sometimes you just don't have time to do that! There is a resizer script included as well, which is a feature I love in prim jewelry since often the prims are too tiny to be reduced with a plain Stretch.

Review - ~flirt~ Bloom Box

Included in your purchase is a jewelry box with the Bloom flower on top. I think it's just a cute little extra! The texture change scripts that are in the rings are in the box, so you can adjust to your decor. The way the box is originally matched my bedroom set perfectly, so I didn't have to change anything. But you certainly could play with it to see how you want your ring colored. At 29 prims, it may be a little too primmy for most people to display for too long, but if you have the prims, it's a charming little thing!

The Bloom rings are $400L each, or $1500L for the set of 5 petal colors. With the work that has gone into each piece, you can all agree that the price is very much worth it.

You can pick up the rings, and browse through all the other fabulous ~flirt~ jewelry at the mainstore on the Juicy sim, or check out Skinkie's stores on XStreetSL and OnRez for easy gift giving options. After all, Christmas is coming up. ;)

Other items worn in this post:

Hair: Natasha by ETD
Skin: Belleza skin, free currently in the Peace On Earth hunt
Eyes: Anime Violet by Miriel
Dress: Chaya by Zaara
Poses: Jewelry Poses by Imperial Elegance

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