Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Spenders vs Savers

So last week sometime, Cen had written a plurk asking if any of us ever had something in SL that we really really wanted, but we couldn't justify spending the money. Surprisingly [to me, anyway], a lot of people said that yes, they do. But then there are those who said no way, they like it, they buy it, no matter the cost.

It's something I've really been thinking about lately because I am definitely one of those who will just NOT buy something I really like because of the cost. In a way, it's funny, because I won't buy a $500L dress because I find it too expensive, when in reality it's less than $2 USD. But that is part of my "game" in SL. It always kind of has been. How much fun can I have and how great can I look for very little? And luckily I've fallen in with friends, like Cen, who are fairly similar. Because nothing's worse than being the cheap one in a group of spenders, or the one blowing all your money on shoes and skins when your friends barely have $2L to rub together.

For the most part, my RL spending habits have followed me into my SL. I am not much of a shopper in RL. I've already touched before on the shopping addiction I once had, and I suppose part of that is what keeps me now from going out and mindlessly spending money on things that I see. If ever you hear me say I have to go shopping, 9 times out of 10, it's that I'm going to the grocery store. LOL Thank goodness I don't have to buy groceries in SL!!

I'm not saying I don't like to splurge now and then. We all do. But if you buy everything your heart desires the moment you see it, do you appreciate it as much? Or is it just another prim or texture in your ever growing inventory? On the other side of the coin, if you never really buy anything because you think it's too expensive and you just sit around wanting it, are you torturing yourself for nothing?

Just my random thoughts for today. :)

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