Monday, December 22, 2008

Yay pictures!

I've been increasingly lazy lately about dumping pictures off of my desktop after I've resized and everything. So today my desktop was a total mess. There are icons I can't even see anymore because all my snapshots have pushed them to the side. So I figured I had a LOAD of photos that I haven't shown in my blog. Well, not so much. LOL Mostly there's pics that I have already resized and fixed, but never dumped the original. But there were some that never made it in here, so here we go! :)

Ok I swear. Anytime I teleport in somewhere, 95% of the time, it's next to the craziest looking avatar on the sim. I don't know WHY.

There's a fun skating rink outside of Artilleri!
Artilleri skating

O hai dere, Moose.

In the studio at Sacred Photography.
Studio time

Layne set up a great winter spot on her piece of the island. I snuck over and played with her stuff last night.
Candy Cane!


Just hanging out. I thought it was a pretty picture.
Winter pretty

My awesome hair from 69 and the Wonder Bike from Happy Mood that I got as prizes doing the Creators Stamp Rally. Love love love!!!
CSR Wonder bike from Happy Mood

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