Monday, December 8, 2008

Randomosity - Oh, just some pics.

So is it possible that I haven't blogged since Saturday? :-p Apologies to those of you who have told me you read me during breakfast. I wish I could say I had some fabulous excuse, like Hugh Laurie picked me up for a whirlwind weekend in Paris, but it's not the case. I was just busy with family stuff this past weekend, and I haven't been logging much SL time at all. However, during the time that I have been able to be on, I've been snapping pics! So many, in fact, that the desktop was completely covered to the point of me not being able to find most of my program icons. LOL

Rather than rename and stick in my SL pics folder, I'll bother you all with my random pictures!!

I'm the angel on top of our tree!

I'm the angel!

Skating with Frosty

Skating with Frosty

Sometimes Santa and I just sit and laugh. I forgot to hide the other huge poseball on his leg. LOL

Laughing with Santa

Noob wars on the island! LOL

Noob Wars

We were out visiting a friend and I had to take a picture in front of all her flowers. Thanks for letting us stand there for hours! LOL!


Do you think I'd get banned from Armidi like this? I just want everyone to see me in bright light, what's wrong with that? [LMAO]

All lit up

I was looking over the island seeing how people are decorating, and I saw this scene taking place on Layne's land! LOL!!

Layne's snow scene

And finally, the Belleza skin from the Peace On Earth hunt that I've been raving about for the past 2 days. I just love it!! I'm trying to find out which line it's from so I can go back and buy in other makeup.

Belleza Peace on Earth skin

I have another blog post coming up after this one, but it may have to wait until tomorrow morning. It's a review post, and I hope I do it justice! :)


Nuuna Nitely said...

That's a new Belleza skin. It's coming out on Wednesday.:))

Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh thank you, Nuuna!!!! I was going nuts with demos wondering "Is it Brooke? Is it Ema?" LOL! Now I can sit around today wiggling and waiting for the line to be released!

Gahum Riptide said...

You know ALicia, you look totally cute with the Belleza skins. That's not just me talking since that's my main type of skin either. The makeups really look sophisticated, but not overdone.