Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 237 - Not the decorating kind

I spent the evening with 2 of my favorite people just lounging on the beach behind my house.


My beach isn't really ready yet. Not the way I picture it in my head, anyway. But really, does any decorating or landscaping idea I have in my head ever actually pan out? LOL Not usually. Sometimes it comes out better, sometimes worse. But I suppose that could be said for almost anything in life, am I right?

I have never been a great decorator in my physical world. My home has simply always just been...there. I took vague interest in decorating my room when I was 14 because it was, for the first time in my life, MY room. No sisters to share with me. My mom and dad let me paint the brown wood walls a bright white. I chose blue accessories. The second twin bed was dismantled and they placed the second mattresses on top of mine so I had this "Princess & The Pea" type of bed. It was so tall off the ground... I loved it. I had porcelain dolls and in those days I collected miniature tea sets. It was the perfect girl room.

For about 3 months, anyway. Then I went to high school and the walls became littered with awards and pictures of friends and papers reminding me about this rehearsal or that game. I didn't think about interior decorating again for quite some time. When I moved in with my boyfriend, our apartment was much too small for any big decorating, and our house is ... well, it's just our house. I made some curtains for the bathroom and put some things up on the mantel and that has been about it. I'm NOT a decorator. I guess that's what I'm getting at. LOL It's late, sorry for the rambling.

But, I'm getting into it here in SL. If you read the current issue of Icon, a room I did is in there. If you don't read magazines, here's a couple of pictures from the shoot.



If I could have that bedroom set down in my physical world house, I'd be one happy girl.

Okay, enough rambling. Kudos if you managed to read all of it. If you just looked at the pics, hey, that's all good too. :)

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