Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 246 - Catch Up

It's been one of those days where I feel like I've been trying to play catch up all day. I needed to post in the style blog because I'm going to attempt to keep my goal of at least one post a day for a week there. I have my article for Second Style due tomorrow. I had physical world obligations to take care before I really felt comfortable taking care of my SL obligations. And on top of allllll of this...I was craving steak badly. You just can't get anything done when you're craving steak, am I right??

So I did my stuff, I ate a steak, and then I settled into SL. Aldwyn had to study tonight for whatever smart person class he's taking, so I invited him over to sit with me while we both did our thing.


There's something really comforting about having someone just sit with you. We haven't said much to each other all night because we're both busy, but just knowing someone is there is awesome. :)

I'm hoping to hit up the gym tomorrow because Friday, I think we're supposed to be going to this amazing restaurant and I fully intend on chowing down, so I better get in bed and get some sleep. :)

Oh, but before I go, I saw Gabby post this on plurk and I thought it was great. The last line was my mantra back when I was in high school and somewhere along the way, I forgot it. I need to not forget again.


[I think that's supposed to be "forget about the ones that don't," but forgive and forget works too.]

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