Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 240 - Bad days can turn good in a heartbeat

It was one of those days that started off pretty much not so great. Not that anything had REALLY happened, but it wasn't good and I was in a pretty foul mood.

Do you ever feel like someone that you care/have cared about just doesn't seem to know what you do? Or not even that, but that they just don't respect it? You see them praising and paying attention to others who do basically the same thing you do - sometimes not even as good as you do it - but yet you don't register on their radar and you're not sure why. I've been having this issue the past couple of months. It hurts, it really does. I know that it shouldn't, and that I honestly shouldn't care, but I can't help it.

And yeah yeah, cryptic blog is cryptic. Those closest to me know what I'm talking about, and that's all that matters anyway.


The day picked up, though. My bestie and I went for pedicures and dinner, and a surprise visit over to my ex-boyfriend's place. [Okay, so we dated in 1995, and he's gay. We're still really great friends, and he's the only person in my life that is allowed to call me by the nickname my family calls me.] I simply could not remain in a bad mood after all of that.

My night was just as good, being able to hang out with Sophia, Ulaa, Aldwyn, and briefly with Ulaa's friend Vaalith. Al took us on a boat ride around Bluebonnet. And umm... in Bluebonnet.

Oh, um.... what?

Sooooo funny! We attempted to sail around Al's place, because part of the draw over there is that there is a whole bunch of sims linked together for sailing, but unfortunately sim crossings were not to be had tonight and more often than not, we ended up shooting off into space or falling under the ocean. Still fun, though. :)

I'm so so sleepy right now, I'm getting chills. I meant to go to bed long before this but got caught up with RL. Goodnight!

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