Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 256 - Sweetness and Light

Ali is always sitting on my porch eating lollypops from my lollypop cart. There are usually cartoon birds flying around her head, singing. It's like a Disney cartoon over there!"
-Emerald Wynn

It's true. Sophia would have people thinking that I'm sitting around being a mean girl, but don't believe her. I'm completely innocent and sweet.


See? Who could possibly think that THAT face would be doing anything wrong?

Even the birds love me and try to put ribbons in my hair!

I'm really starving and I feel like tonight is going to be filled with trying to win some damn gacha crap and staring at dumb bitches with their asscracks hanging out, so I wanted to get this post in early.

Oh. That doesn't really go with my sweetness, does it?


Tra la la!

1 comment:

Sophia Harlow said...


You are not all sunshine and are a little blonde devillllll!!

I like it though, so we are all good.