Friday, January 23, 2009

A bit of a catty post. A bit. :-p

So Sophia and I finished up our 5 Day No Shopping Except Freebies, Dollarbies, Group Gifts, and Lucky Chairs Challenge. It's Saturday in Australia. Don't judge. :-p

We ran over to Truth to hit up the sale and ick. LOL There was so much bad fashion and crazy people, I didn't know what to think. We even got kind of surrounded by this!

We need to run.

Alicia Chenaux: omg, this is going to be a whole wtfug post. bling blanging at truth.
Sophia Harlow: it is unreal
Sophia Harlow: i think you are a fug magnet
Sophia Harlow: ive never seen anything like this

I should have put that guy in WTFug, but that would have been too easy. LOL Plus I didn't get a very good picture of him because I was blinded by his partner's bling.

Oh, also this random guy kept going away. I don't know who he was, but it really bugs me when people go Away in stores because I feel like if they can't be bothered to stay there long enough to shop and leave and free up a spot for someone else, especially during a sale, then they need to just NOT be there. Log out or something.

Alicia Chenaux: there. i finally pushed that guy's head into the wall. that's what he gets for going away so much.
Sophia Harlow: omg go stand next to him and take a picture


After all the fun at Truth, we went our separate ways and I hopped around the grid picking up things that I saw this week and wanted and couldn't buy. I got the cutest shirt that I really should have taken a picture of, but I'm sure I will at some point because I love it. While I was hopping around, we got into a discussion about the new Ingrid shoes from Stiletto Moody. Personally, I've yet to see anyone in world who has the fake foot the same color as their skin on the first BARE shoes that came out. I saw a blog post earlier on the new Ingrid ones and the SHOES themselves are just wonderful. Probably because they're "inspired" by a Gucci heel. [See what I did there?] If these shoes were available without the freaky foot, I'd probably buy them, a sentiment shared by many of my friends. But looking at them on the stand, in just a plain Daylight setting....

Uh. Not hardly.

I'm NOT paying $2199L for a wrinkled ankle with a big seam line. No no no.

And what's up with the no demo thing still? SM is over a year old, right? Hello? I wouldn't even buy $50L hairs today without demoing them first. LOL

I'm completely starving [as I have been all day] so I think it's dinner time and then more SL time. :)


Sai Pennell said...

Ew. Wrinkled ankles. :/

I thought they were too expensive anyways, but throw in wrinkled skin? No wai. xD

Unknown said...

OMG I have never seen longer toes. Those are not toes...they are fingers. I do not care what they say. The seller should be absolutely ashamed of trying to get $2199/pair with those horrific ankles. Any fashion blogger that gives those shoes a good review should be run out of town. Let's just see someone try to poop rainbows about those.

Natasha Burke said...

I will not be buying then that's for sure. There are other shoes out there that I would buy without the wrinkled ankles...blah. They should be a shames to have no demos and on top of that the price.

*shushes now* lol

I love the picture of you and the guy in the wall. It made me laugh out loud.

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

Yuck!! (at the bling, the cowboy, the afk dude, AND the fugly wrinkly feets.)

What the heck was Moody thinking releasing those like that??? Did they not NOTICE?

But then, I'm easily turned against them, because I'm still not sure if prim toes are cool or creepy yet.

Unknown said...

OMG...a blog did poop a giant rainbow about those shoes. I knew it would happen... but I am still so shocked.

Why can't SM sell the shoes without their cadaver feet shoved into them?