Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tostadas, Enchiladas, Corona....

If you see me in any stores this week that don't have freebies, kick me out. Sophia and I are challenging ourselves to only shop for freebies this week. It's hard! LOL

Brody and I hung out tonight and we decided to head over to the El Jefe Cafe. It's simply the cutest little Mexican restaurant! I had stumbled on it while searching for Mexican style furniture one day and I was excited to take him.

The night started out fine with us eating the best spicy prim food the restaurant had to offer.

El Jefe Cafe - Eating

But the call of the bar was too much for me, so I hopped up to run over.

El Jefe Cafe - Beer please!

Brody took the time to go check things out in the kitchen. You gotta dig a guy who cooks.

El Jefe Cafe - He cooks!!

I managed to suck down some more beer while he was cooking. He was trying to wait patiently for me to finish...

El Jefe Cafe - He's not drunk yet.

...but I managed to convince him he needed a drink, too!

El Jefe Cafe - On the bar

More drinking.

El Jefe Cafe - Drink!

And um...looks like it's time to go. LOL

El Jefe Cafe - Time to go home. LOL!

It was a fun night! I highly recommend having some fun at the El Jefe Cafe, and check out the furniture store that it nearby called When Worlds Collide. It's got some great pieces. There are some other little stores in the area too, but the restaurant was definitely the best thing to me. And sorry, I don't have a SLurl, just look up When Worlds Collide. :)

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Unknown said...

OMG - those are the cutest pics of the cutest restaurant! What a blast. I am going to have to get Jerremy to take me there.

Oh man, someone needs to start a restaurant review blog for SL.