Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some randomness from last night.

The super cute Gogo helped me out last night and sent me a Cupid Linden bear!

Cupid Linden bear

The funny thing is that I think I had this bear last year and deleted it in some mad cleaning frenzy because I didn't realize that - hello - it's a Linden bear! LOL Thanks Gogo!!

I spent a crazy amount of time last night just kind of sitting on the fiesta bar. Partially because I was waiting for someone, but also because RLBF and I recently purchased a monster of a treadmill and last night we were putting it together. Oh yes, it was as much fun as it sounds.

But somewhere in my sitting around, I went out with the girls to Redgrave to demo the new Leona skins.

Redgrave - Leona demo

I'm not normally a fan of Redgrave skins. I think the older ones are kind of shiny and dirty looking, and usually none of them look good on my shape. I'm also not a fan of very photosourced skins. But this one...I think I need it. It'll take a little mouth adjusting, but not too much. I like the color of it too, the medium skin tone, because it's perfect for the summer on the beach. But I don't know...I still love my Belleza skin so much! So I'm really on the fence about actually buying these. I guess we'll see.

After the skin demoing, I was up and down a lot with the treadmill assembly [ugh] and finally when we were finished, after 3am thank you very much, I came back to continue sitting in the fiesta area but some of the girls were out at a place where Tristan was DJing. I was tired of sitting by myself, so I hopped on over to hang out. And yes, I was rockin' my taller shape last night.

Dancing with Meara

Dancing girls

We were all playing with spankers, which is funny because none of us are really all that into gestures or anything like that normally. So while I was trying to catch a picture of Meara, Nikki, and me dancing, I caught this picture. It cracks me up because it was just unexpected while I was flipping through the pictures. Meara in the act of getting spanked!

Meara's spanking

Soooo funny. :)

It's super cold here in my area today, which sucks and makes me feel a bit down, so I think I'm going to go curl up on my couch and watch Saturday TV.

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M said...

LOL! That's not what I normally look like when I'm getting spanked.

I mean, um, funny pic! xD

Last night was so much fun. Perfect after feeling all bleh earlier. <3

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