Saturday, January 3, 2009

The night was just ducky! :)

I'll be the first to admit that I don't go out a lot in SL. I will go shopping, but I'm usually perfectly content to stay on the island, sitting on a bunny in the garden, IMing with my group. I know a lot of people would find that boring and a waste of my SL time, but to me it's great. It's my escape from the worries of my non-online life, and I'm happy.

But tonight was not one of those nights. :) I was out inspecting some dances when I saw a cute DJ animation. My friend Tristan, who is also a DJ, wanted to come see it too. From there we stuck together, shopping for new dances and trying to find pink shoes. LOL We got matchy matchy and went to a pool party for the rezday of one of her friends.

Tris & Me

We were confronted with a huge watermelon ass, and a girl who could NOT stop doing stupid poofer stuff until the hosts of the party asked her to stop, but the music was good. :) RLBF was bugging me about the Christmas tree during the party, so I missed some of it, but I didn't know anyone there except Tris anyway, so it's not like they missed me. LOL!

Eva let us know that she was at a new club and GoSpeed was DJing, so we grabbed our duckies and headed on over. It was fun! Especially when more of the group showed up to dance!

Beach Party

DJ GoSpeed

Get down!

Don't I have beautiful friends? :)

We ended the night on the island, because Sehra had gone home already and we couldn't let her go home alone. And because we like to bother people. :-p She tried to hide behind the couch and pretend she wasn't home, but we totally saw her. Then we realized that Kharisma hadn't been around us for our onigokko phase, so ....


I think we ran for an hour. How do you think we keep such lovely figures?

I could have been really down tonight. There's some RL junk going on with my family that I'm not happy about. It would have been SO easy for me to sit alone in the skybox and stay quiet while I sorted inventory. I kind of thought that I'd just be on my own tonight. But because of my friends, my beautiful, low drama, crazy, funny friends, I had a wonderful night. Thanks, ladies. Thank you so much. :)

Oh, and I had GoSpeed play this tonight, because it's been in my head for the past few days. LOL Enjoy!


Unknown said...

How sweet!! I am glad you had such a nice time and break from RL issues - you deserve it.

Now, I just hope I get to see the Watermelon Ass on WTF.

Natasha Burke said...

lol..I love the pictures. You and Tristan looked cute. :D

We all should get together more often.

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

\o/ I'm glad we were able to keep last night from being a downer!! And I also hope the RL issues get worked out before they cause any more downer nights. We're alwaya around if you need a pick-me-up.

If I had to pick one thing that I loved most about the group (which I'd never actually be able to do) I'd probably say I love how we can turn literally anything into a source of amusement just be being around each other. Running around in circles would never be that much fun on our own!!

Herta Munro said...

Ahhh gosh I want that duck!

Please please tell me where can I grab one :}