Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finished for today!

Blogging away!

Well, that was fun. LOL!

I managed 3 [now 4] blog posts for this blog, and 2 for WTFug in about 2 hours. Now I just have to clean up my desktop.

Is my writers block over? Oh, maybe. I've been itching to write more lately, but unfortunately sometimes when I know I have to do something [such as the reviews I'm backed up on now], I get a little blocked. Not that I don't love doing reviews. I totally do and would do more if I could. But it seems sometimes they almost all hit me at once when I'm doing other things, busy with the island, or when I'm not in such a blogger place.

The main thing is that I never want to get into that trap that so many of our SL bloggers fall into from time to time. They get a little famous in our tiny piece of the world, and then suddenly all of their blog posts become preachy or insane or - and I've definitely been there - just flat out boring. Or it's just this unbelievably stupid drama because someone thinks that by hurting others, they're going to be the #1 blogger. Hey, guess what? Doesn't work that way. You will never "win" blogging. You might look like an asshole, but you'll never win. :)

Well, unless you look like the #1 asshole. Then I guess you win?

Blogging this much this quickly reminded me of how much I just love to do it. It's fun to me to throw pictures down, talk about what I've done, and talk about my friends. I love to promote their successes, their businesses, and just how great I think they are. I have found so many of my best friends through this blog because I'm not just fashion, or just reviews, or just dramacakes that make no sense. I enjoy sharing my SL day with the people kind enough to read. And I think I should do it more often than I have been.

Besides... I have this fabulous little office now.

New office

How could I not be inspired sitting there and typing away? :)

But the blogging is over for today. I have a short DJ set in about an hour and I need to get a "business appropriate" playlist together. No booty songs for this one! :)


Unknown said...

I SLove your office! And you look so cute in your glasses, just writing away.

Terri Zhangsun said...

Thank you so much again for helping us out at Rio and for staying for Cylindrian! I really appreciate it. You and Sophia and GoSpeed Racer helped to make things fun!

Anonymous said...

Omg! Our portfolio is on your cute little desk!

I so so so heart you!

xo- Soph