Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photos from Sacred Studio!

A couple of nights ago Sophia asked if I wanted to have my picture done again. I never miss the opportunity to let her husband, Skyhawke Sodwind, do my photograph, so I agreed right away. She told me to dress sexy. I guess jeans and a chocolate heart hanging out of my mouth wasn't sexy enough or something. :-p

Skyhawke & Sophia run Sacred Studio, which is where probably 95% of my profile pictures are made these days because they are excellent at what they do. That link takes you to their new website where you can see more of the work done there.

So when she told me to dress sexy, I threw on my new red dress from Kitties Lair [partially because I'm bad at sexy and partially because I know Brody likes that dress and I knew I'd give him the pictures] and headed over.

Modeling at Sacred

Sky & Sophia work so well together because while he's doing the photos, she's talking and telling you what's going on and what good shots he's getting. The first time I ever went over for pictures, I was a little intimidated by the both of them [let's face it, I'm intimidated by most people when I first meet them!] but they are seriously two of the best people you could EVER meet. I'm pretty sure Sophia and I were separated at birth, though, because our latest phrase is "Stop being me." LOL!!

From this photoshoot came two just simply marvelous pictures!

Hiding from the rain

Bar sitting

Aren't they super fantastic???

The thing I love most about Sky's work is that he doesn't post process photos to death. You know what I mean. Some photographers take your photo and process it so heavily, you can barely tell who the person is. He just makes you look better, but still very much you.

Contact Sophia Harlow or Skyhawke Sodwind if you'd like your photo done or to see their portfolio. And be sure to check out their new website to see pictures and learn more about the studio.


Unknown said...

OMG!You are not kidding about those being great photos! You ooze sexiness in both -- but especially the one with you "sitting". I am going to have to contact Sacred Studio!

Natasha Burke said...

They do awesome work and I love those pictures!