Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some thoughts & more kitty pics!

I was thinking about the anonymous comments to my last blog post. I have to say, as much as I didn't want the first one to, it kind of hit me in a negative way. It would be easy to rant & rave about it, but frankly, that's not really who I am. And it's not like I haven't had my blog posts attacked before. :-p

Look, this blog has always pretty much just been a run down of what I do in SL on any given day. This is what I see, this is what I do, this is what I bought, and these are the people I hang out with. That's the bare bones of it all. If I get too personal, I'm accused of being on an "emo rollercoaster" by people who like to get all dramatic. Things happen in between blog posts that no one has a right to know about. Bloggers are under no obligation to throw our entire lives up on the screen. So if the moods switch from happy to sad within a day - well, you don't know what happened in between to make that happen. And really? You don't always have a right to know. In any life, you never really have a right to know someone's every waking thought.

I could go on and on about this, but I don't really need to. My friends know me, they know the ins & outs of what's going on, and they've been completely supportive of everything. I thank god every day for them. If you want to know all the extra stuff I don't talk about, then I guess you should probably get to know me outside of my blog. :)

Besides, I'm too in love with my new kitten to really be negative. I'm so freaking amused by her, I can't stand it. I've mentioned my RL Mr. Kitty in here before, but Mr. Kitty decided the traveling life was for him and he ran off about 2 weeks ago. :( I keep hoping one day he'll stroll back through his kitty door. But until he does [or I find a new cat], my SL kitten Elle is seriously awesome.

A.I. Friends needs to make MORE stuff for kittens because I would totally buy. I ended up buying her one of the puppy houses last night just because it was dirt cheap and she's adorable and needs a house.

Now be enthralled by my cat pictures!!!

Bright eyed


Elle's new house

I'm not sure if I can modify, but if I can, I'm going to retexture the house to be pink. :-D

I'm seriously starving to death now, so it's definitely lunchtime.


Sehra Kauffman said...

Love it!

Natasha Burke said... cute!

Unknown said...

Carp! (Yes, that was on purpose - I am trying to cuss less.) I can't see photos on blogs from work.

Heather said...

Yes they are so fun. When I log into SL, I always find my corgi asleep on his back.. ha! My kitten is so new I can't remember how she sleeps. Don't forget to arrange play dates with other AI kittens to watch them interact (play with the same toys, etc) .. :)

Asthenia said...

Does this awesomely cute kitteh also come in a darker color? If so, please stop blogging about it, because I need one :(

Sai Pennell said...

Aww, so cuuuuute! How did you manage to stop the cat from attaching to you? Whenever I rezzed my corgi, it attached to me without me wanting it to, and would not stay on the ground no matter what I tried. -_-

Heather said...

Sai I have that problem too. The updated Corgi still tries to sit on my shoulders, but he then gets stuck in air which you can repair via the hud. If you want more info, IM me inworld. :) These kittens are the latest release and so far they don't do this.

C said...

Normally when either Ali or I are attacked in posts, we *try* not to go off the deep end defending each other because we both know three things:

1. Only adds fuel, give it a few days and something new comes up
2. What readers think of us in the end although is upsetting, shouldn't be weighed too heavily because they don't know us
3. Defending each other seems pointless because of course we'd defend each other right so any critics won't weight our opinions all that heavily.

Having said that, I went on a ranting lunatic tirade in the previous post so all I gotta say in this one is...

Nice kitty Ali :D

Anonymous said...

(oh noes....)

I wanted to comment on the last comments. I don't feel like they were so much attack driven as they were curiousity driven (maybe the first line in the first one was a little more aggressive when I read it a second time), but I almost think they were more like 'we're fans of your blog, and wish we knew more about what's going on..

When I read blogs that documents people's lives- RL or SL it's almost like reading a chapter in a book and sometimes you just really get engrossed in it and want to know more- that's where I think they're coming from. Yours just happens to be one of those engrossing blogs.

Besides being relatable in certain aspects you also lead an interesting SL (not everyone has great big circle of friends, an SL boyfriend/partner (?- not sure which) or owns an island where you get to live with a lot of your friends who you also get to hang out with frequently and have gut-busting conversations while you raid stores and do silly things, capture unsuspecting avie's FUG, get your pictures taken by SL photographers.. I could go on :)

That said, there are times I would love to know more (especially when one can tell you're leaving something out- but like you said you're entitled to not give people more details into your private life, because duh it's your life and no, you don't owe anyone any explanations.

I just wanted to throw this out there, since you took offense to what was said, i don't think offense was meant- but more like "hey! we want details!"

So.. anyway.. I like reading your blog and reading what you have to say :) and so do, probably a lot of others. and I think that's what you should walk away with after these (mine included) anonymous posts.

Sorry for being long-winded, hehe..

Unknown said...

Yay! I can see the pictures on my home PC! Elle is adorable! I had to giggle at how tiny she looks in her house (which is also adorable). The one of Elle in the tub (from your last post) was hilarious. SL is so much fun sometimes.

Aisuru Rieko said...

I must be doing something wrong with my kitten because he doesn't do half of that cute stuff. :( Elle is so cute!

Iggy O said...

My RL kitty knows all these moves...and rules the house. I'm afraid a SL kitty would be even worse!

Don't let negative posts get you down. Folks who flame on blogs may be 1) jealous and/or 2) so uncreative that they could never do a blog of their own.