Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm bringin' hippie back

I don't usually do a lot of reviews anymore that I haven't been asked to do. Most of this stems from me just being lazy, and sometimes I'm not sure exactly how to review a certain item. Then while I'm thinking about it, something else comes out and doing a review of it would be silly. :-p But this isn't really a review - it's more of a "Oh hey, this dress is pretty!" type of post.

As most every woman in SL knows, last night Maitreya released 4 brand new and completely fantastic hairs. I managed to shove my way into the sim and picked up all 4 and ran. The hair is gorgeous and I don't even need to say that because hello, it's Maitreya and when have they ever put out a hair that's less than gorgeous?

But after getting the hair, I was talking to Sophia and mentioning that the Apple hair just needed a hippie type dress, and that I'd seen one at Sn@tch that might be good. She said, "That dress is too big for you." And I said "Nuh uh, because I've grown and my butt is bigger." And she said "Shut up, your butt is not big" and passed one of the dresses over to me because, of course, she had them.

I'm totally not too small for them.

Sn@tch - Barefoot Asian dress

Sn@tch - Back of dress

Now I know what you're probably thinking. "Sn@tch? Isn't that the place with all the punk and rocker and goth type clothes?!" And yes, it is. But if you look around, you sometimes find pieces that are just adorable and not at all "hard." Designer Ivey Deschanel does a great job of mixing it up, keeping it fresh, and throwing down new stuff often.

This dress is called Barefoot Asian and as you can see, the Asian style prints on the patchwork are just too cute. I love the halter top because it shows a lot of cleavage but still manages to not look trampy, and the empire waist makes you look long and lean. Not usually a problem in SL, but still good. ;) The low cut back is perfect for showing off back tattoos, such as I'm doing, or you can keep it clean and just show off even more skin.

I should also mention that the dress doesn't flare out at the bottom like that. I was playing with the posestand.

If you're looking for a great spring dress that is lush and doesn't give away the farm, and that goes GREAT with the new Apple hair from Maitreya, I strongly suggest this one!! I think I'm going shopping again.

Also worn in this post:

Hair: 'Apple' by Maitreya in Chocolate
Skin: 'Meows in the Nude' by Belleza
Silver ID bracelet by Genesis [found in the Vain Inc. Kiss hunt]
Tattoo: Flower Garden by Shady Tattoos

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