Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring is coming, bring on the dresses!

Almost a couple of months ago, I was hunting tattoos when my friend Gahum said to look up Nardya Rousselot's shop. I did and while I didn't find tattoos I wanted, I saw a beautiful gown that I must have stood in front of for 20 minutes just fawning over the picture. I didn't have a need for the dress, but I made a note in my head to come back and fawn over it again at some point.

Well, notes in my head almost never work and I am the worst at keeping landmarks. Seriously, ask any of my friends. They ask me where I got something and if I have a LM and 9 times out of 10, I don't. So when I thought about the dress again, I knew there would probably be no way I could find it without help. I didn't have the LM, I couldn't remember what store it was, or who the designer was. I couldn't even remember who had pointed me to that shop in the first place. I know, totally helpful. :) Luckily, Gahum came to my rescue yet again and mentioned Nardya's name. Sure enough, it was the place! But not really the place I'd been before - a bigger and better place!

Nardya's store, Nardcotix, is fabulous. Seriously, just beautiful classy clothing that I drooooool over. The store is in the Einstein shopping area, home of Nardcotix, Chloe, LionSkins, The Gift, AlienBear, and Phoenix Rising. Great shopping area, it really is.

Happily, I joined their Subscribe-o and was excited to see a new dress out - the Colleen.

Narcodix - Colleen

Nardcotix - Colleen back

This dress is just so freaking adorable, and had I been thinking clearly, I would have bought the bolero that goes with it. But I love the low back because it shows off my back tattoos perfectly, and the soft wrinkles fall just where they should. But the skirt is my favorite because not only does it make me feel like I have pretty flower petals around me, it's actually in 3 parts, and when you sit the whole thing doesn't immediately just fall down into your seat like other prim skirts do. All in all, it's an amazing piece of work and I love it SO much!

The Colleen comes in 5 colors. You can purchase just the dress, as I did, for $350L, or the dress with the matching bolero for $525L. If you want just the bolero, they are $300L each. Nardcotix also offers a gift option, if you want to buy for the lady in your life. Or the man, if that's how they roll.

I see myself going back at some point this week to get another dress, and I almost never get the same outfit just in different colors. If there was a fatpack, I'd probably buy it, that's how much I love this dress.

Head out to Einstein and do some shopping and admire the build. It's really great!

Also in this post:

Skin: 'Meows In The Nude' by Belleza
Hair: 'Yvette' by ETD [Oh dear God, please reopen soon!]
Eyes: 'Open Ocean' by Miriel
Lashes by Deviant Kitties
Shoes: 'Floria' in Black Rose by G Field, only available at L.E. Look
Locket & ID bracelet by Genesis [bracelet from the Vain Inc. hunt]
Rings by JCNY
Creeping Rose back tattoo by Tuli [found in the Journey sim hunt]
Poses by Flutter Memel of Flowey

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this post! I visited Nardcotix and fell in love. I adore the dress you bought there it looks so cute on you!

I do the same thing wiht landmarks to save room in my inventory and kick myself for it everytime I try to remember a shop or mall. I have to change that habit and just let my inventory balloon...sigh.