Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey little girl, want some candy?

I don't dress very cutesy very often. I'm really more of a jeans and t-shirts type of girl in my outside life, and that's pretty much how I roll here in SL. And let's face it, my adorable friends Sai & Aisuru do the cute doll look waaaaay better than I ever could.

But today I was out at the Albero shopping area [omg, how CUTE is that place?] when I stumbled upon the Sweets Princess dress by Love Soul. After standing there debating, and conferring with my buddies, I knew I simply had to have it. In pink. Glowing poofy princess pink. And next to it was a hair designed just for this dress by Love Soul & Junwave, and I just had to have it too. SL is the only place where you can have ice cream and donuts hanging off your dress and not look like a complete slob.

So here it is - my super cutesy sugary sweet look of the day.

Sugary sweet

I'll give you a toothache. :-p

This adorable dress came with the legwarmers and shoes, too!! PLUS some prim nails, which I put on just for pictures, but I won't wear because they take my rings off.

Prim nails

The Sweets Princess dress is a complete steal at $200L and there are 6 colors. You can also get the fatpack for $1100L. The hair is $180L and comes with the decorated and the non-decorated versions. I'm wearing the pigtails, but there's another style too that is more wild. Well, wild in my view, but I don't go crazy with my hair much. :)

Also in this post:

Skin: 'Sienna' in Lumine by Gala Phoenix
Eyes: 'Earth' by Miriel [free in the demo pack!]
Lashes by Deviant Kitties
Pose by Laleeta Xue of Pffiou!


Unknown said...

Adorable and fun look! But you do look like you were just pulled out of a cotton candy machine.

Lialynn said...

Ive been kind lurking your blog for a while :p But I had to comment when I saw this it is just so Kyooot!

Noelyci said...

You're gonna need my pink insulin pump.

Anonymous said...

Omg sugar overload :p !