Monday, February 23, 2009

Patchwork Girl

With spring fast approaching [thank GOD for that], I've been looking around for more sundresses and cute things to wear. Ok, so I'm ALWAYS looking for more cute things to wear. Don't hate.

I don't often read fashion feeds. In fact, I probably went about 6 months without taking a glance at any, relying on my friends to tell me where to shop and whichever blogs I happened to glance at that were more fashion in nature. But last night I was reading and I saw some pants that I really really wanted, so I popped over to`, which is a store I've never heard of before, to pick them up. [When you go, follow the beacon because the Flawless sim has a SUPER annoying landing point for being such a large place.] I found the pants, and then glanced around and my eye fell on this adorable dress!!

The Patchwork dress, which comes in different colors, is perfect for spring, and made me feel like I should be in a meadow weaving flowers for my hair.

Patchwork Girl


I chose the dress with the brown top, but there are 6 colors available. I just adore the patchwork on the full skirt [what is it with me and patchwork lately?] and the just too cute corset lacing is held in place with stars. If I hadn't been trying to keep it simple last night, I would have paired it up with the freebie star earrings from Hal*Hina.

The Patchwork dress is very reasonably priced at $200L, or you can save 50% and buy the fatpack of 6 for $600L.

And because I can't help it, I caught this cute picture of me in the outfit watching my kitten, Elle, playing. Unfortunately she fell right off of the skyworld chasing her ball, but no worries. She wasn't hurt and landed in the sand on the beach.

Watching Elle

Definitely check out` because they have some really cute dresses and the place is not expensive at all. And go get a kitten, because my friends and I that have the kittens & corgi puppies are dying of cuteness lately with our pets and you know you want to come on pet playdates with us!

Also shown in this post:

Skin: 'Sienna' in Lumine by Gala Phoenix [not one of the new skins]
Eyes: 'Earth' by Miriel [free in the demo pack]
Hair: 'Delilah' in brown by Wonderhair
ID bracelet by Genesis, found in the Vain Inc. Valentine hunt
Silver locket by Genesis
Lashes by Deviant Kitties

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Unknown said...

Do they sell a baby German Shepard? 'cause I'd get one of those.

OMG I constantly read the fashion feeds. I got into the habit as a newbie and I credit them for me only looking like a newbie for about 1 day. But, some of those fashion blogs are a complete train wreck and that is incredibly amusing. The engine is fug and the caboose is extreme vanity.