Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 176 - Party day!!

Hmm...what does this button do?


Tonight at 7pm SLT - Hump Day Party!!! Yeahhhh!! I'm excited! I've been fluttering around the Party Ball today touching up things.

I won't lie - it's going to look best if you have glow and particles enabled. But, if you're unable to do that, it does look still bright in there even on the very lowest SL setting. As far as lighting, I like the "purplebluenight" setting that I *think* comes with the Emerald viewer. But I think sunset looks good too. At midnight, the avatars look dark and that doesn't always make for great pics.

My parcel on Bluebonnet is closed at the moment except for the island residents & some others that are on the list because I have a landing point set and I don't want anyone falling out of the ball since I have it phantom at the moment. LOL

I just can't wait for the party!! I hope to see lots of you there! :)

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