Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 184 - I bet the Avon lady never has to put up with this.

So I was having a big bad case of writer's block earlier. And as I do, I turned to plurk for help. Tymmerie suggested I dress up like the Avon lady and go door to door around my Linden home neighborhood. Sounded like a good plan to me!

However, there were 2 things wrong. 1 - I have no idea how Avon ladies dress. The ones I know around here all work from home and I didn't think sweats and a t-shirt would make many sales. And 2 - I didn't have any makeup or catalogs.

Not to be deterred, I put on a cute dress and found a bento box. I could go door to door offering lunch!! What a great way to make friends!

Just as I was getting ready to head out, out of nowhere some guy landed right outside of my door. Heck, this was going to be easier than I thought! Everyone loves bento boxes! See how they just flock to my door??

I stepped outside to say hi.

[14:40] Random Guy: hiya
[14:40] Alicia Chenaux: Hi. Would you like some lunch?
[14:40] Random Guy: *looks you up and down*
[14:40] Random Guy: what do you have?
[14:41] Alicia Chenaux: I have rice bunnies.


[14:43] Random Guy: i hope you dont mind me dropping by
[14:43] Alicia Chenaux: Nope! I was just getting ready to walk around and see if anyone wanted some lunch.
[14:44] Random Guy: sure i'll have some with you while we chat :)

Fun! I'm offering lunch and making friends! This couldn't be easier!

[14:47] Random Guy: youre hot :)

Uh oh...

[14:48] Random Pervert: if your dress in sl was would it open?
[14:48] Alicia Chenaux: Oh. Yeah, um... I'm not down with dirty chat. Bye! :-D

It was then that I ran back to Bluebonnet.

After that, I decided to walk around the island and see if anyone wanted some lunch. After all, who better to offer lunch to than my friends, right? At least they won't ask me how my dress opens.


Emerald wasn't home, so I had to ask her dinosaur if he wanted some lunch.

Dino want some food?

I went over to Stacie's house, but alas, she wasn't home either. Her llama was, though.

Is your mom home?

I stopped over at Ford's place, but he wasn't home either! By that time, I figured my free lunch giveaway was a bust.

Nobody is HOME!

Also? People on my island REALLY love animals.


Unknown said...

SQUEEEEE!! You did it brilliantly! ROFLMAO! And yes - omg it is a complete zoo on your island.

Anonymous said...


Luna Jubilee said...

hahaha best post!

Casandra Shilova said...

Giggles! and right now I need a giggle.

The Avon Lady that drops into work monthly (because someone there buys from her maybe once a year) wears elastic waist knit pants and a nice top. You are much cuter and about half her age.

MeganK Draper said...

lmao I love how it subtly changes from Random Guy to Random Pervert :D