Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 198 - Planning

I'm taking a break from preparing to switch houses.


Most of my friends kid me about being the prefab queen. I love love love prefabs. I get a lot of them [although probably not as many as most people would think], but I HATE switching main houses. I mean, simply HATE it. To pick things up, to redecorate, retexture, mod parts that I think need it, terraform, and position everything JUST right... hate. So I have the new house up in the air so I can get things retextured before bringing it down. Not that the textures it came with aren't nice, but I won't be happy without a pink bedroom [at least, while I'm still SLingle!] so I have to texture the whole upstairs, and then some other rooms to match some furniture and my personal tastes. I think it's done, but we'll see. Tomorrow, I'll pick up my house and try to start decorating.

I have this idea for doing a kind of Real World/Jersey Shore thing on the island for a month this summer. Plurksey Shore. Get 10-12 plurkers, stick them in a house here on the island, and see what happens. LOL I'm still working out details, but I think it might happen.

And yay, June is coming! June means the Big Bad Blogger Challenge! This will be the 3rd year we've done it. Last year was AMAZING. So so so many bloggers participated! I just know this year will be fabulous too! I have a tentative start date of June 13th for it this year, but plans will be finalized probably within the next week. I know we usually have a mid-challenge bash, but then I feel bad for our overseas challengers who rarely get to attend that. So we may have to hold it midday on the weekend. Although I love the pics that come from the mid-challenge party... We'll see. Like I said, nothing has been finalized yet. :)

I guess I should get up and either start picking up my house, or go shopping, or go to bed.

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