Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 188 - I shouldn't have eaten.

Sometimes you shouldn't bother logging off to go eat pizza. Things change fast. One minute you're thinking about setting up a new home with someone, the next minute, you're alone sitting on a duck.


At least I have Nigel. He's been the one male in my SLife to stick around.

Of course, he doesn't have legs and he can't seem to swim past the sim borders. But whatever.


Sophia Harlow said...

No shouldn't have slummed.


love ya

Clementine said...

I think Nigel's kinda cute and at least he makes all his messes *in* the water and he can't talk and annoy you. (cozy)

Anonymous said...

Boys are dumb *hugs tight*

Grant-Grey Guda said...

Great blog you have here, if you’re interested here is the link to my blog of poetry.

Or my facebook poetry page

Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

Sunflower said...

I'm so sorry Ali :(

*big hugs*


Emerald Wynn said...

BOO >:-(