Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are you serious?

So of course the whole big hoopla this weekend is Hair Fair 2009. Hey, I get it. I like new hair too, and sometimes the gifts out there are pretty decent. But what ended up happening this year is that some bloggers got butthurt over not being invited to a preview day.

Wow. Really? I mean, REALLY?

From what I've heard, this wasn't even a blogger/media preview day. It was a day for the designers and their guests and the winners of some contest. Did some of the guests happen to be bloggers? Sure. We all have designer friends, show me someone in SL who doesn't. And I can understand feeling left out when you're in a group of fashion bloggers and everyone got in but you. But every other blogger - even the non-fashion ones! - getting all upset because they didn't get in first? Give me a break.

First of all, if you're a non-fashion blogger, just be quiet. You had no right to expect to get in on any kind of preview day. Maaaaybe if you write some kind of super current events blog, or a blog specifically for charity events in SL, MAYBE. But other than that, shush.

And as for fashion bloggers, well holy cow, the sims only hold so many people. You probably would have just been crying for lag anyway when the 500 fashion bloggers out there descended upon the place.

I am lucky to get "press passes" for different events once or twice a month. The phrase "press pass" cracks me up when I get it because I don't consider myself press. I'm just a girl with a blog. [Well, two blogs now that I moved my reviews over here. Three, if you count WTFug. Holy cow, I write a lot.] I've yet to really go to any of these events. The lag, the bitching, the bumping into people - it's kind of part of the fun of these expos and fairs. And it gives me an excuse for not spending too much. ;) I DO like getting unreleased stuff first, but heck, who doesn't? But as far as crying because I DIDN'T get it first? Yeah, you know... LOL

Look, this isn't elementary school. You're not going to always get a Valentine from each kid in the class and you're not always going to get invited to every party. You're just NOT. Why let it get you down? Just have fun and go later. You're not OWED anything. Besides, you know these things - fairs, expos, hunts - are always all chaotic and not fully set up the first day anyway. Save yourself the headache and just go later.

And that's my $2L for today. :-p


Raven Haalan said...

LOL. I'm so with you on this. It kinda reminds me of an old story about an old man who sat in his chair on the outskirts of town. A car pulls up and buddy gets out. "What are the people like here? We're looking for a new place to live."

Sage old guy asks, "Dunno. What were they like where you came from?"

"Cut throat, cliquey, backstabbing bastards."

"You'll find them much the same here."

Same deal the next day, different guy, same question, "What are people here like?"

"What are they like where you're coming from?"

"Terrific. Great folks. Hate to leave."

"You'll find them much the same here."

Aisuru Rieko said...

hear hear!

Sai Pennell said...

Ok, lol, so I feel kind of attacked.

My apologies for anything I said.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about said upset - but have yet to figure out who was upset and what they said.
It aint on any of the blogs I read - except for references like your article.

I wanna read the drama! woohoo!

Jessyka Richard said...

I'm in the boat of people who wanted in but couldn't, mainly because I'm not a fashion blogger nor am I big time in nonfashion blogging.

You know what I did when I couldn't get in? Nothing! I'll be able to get in when I can get in! I'm not missing that much from missing out on the preview. :]

Unknown said...

*clap clap clap clap*
Totally agree!!

I don't consider myself *press* and I've seen/read comments on groups by people pissed because they weren't invited to the previous. Nowadays everyone is a fashion blogger...