Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am overjoyed at how many of people have signed up for the BBBC this year already! Over 30 bloggers so far! If you're looking for the sign up page, it's on the post right below this one.


I was cleaning my physical world home today [oh for the ability to stand in one spot and click and move things around or just delete them!] and thinking about just this and that. RLBF and I had a minor spat last night, which is extremely odd for us. It led into him giving me the silent treatment for the rest of the night and for most of today until a couple of hours ago, which is even more odd because we don't really do that to each other. We might not TALK, but after almost 9 years together, sometimes you simply don't HAVE to talk. Someone thought it was weird once when I said that he'd come home and we didn't even say hi. Honestly, sometimes, you just don't need to say anything. Comfortable silence is nice.

That led me to my thoughts today about my Second Life friends, most of whom I consider "real" world friends by this point. I'll be the first to admit that trust is something I might give someone easily, but it's a half trust. It's the trust that they will not hurt me in Second Life. But I am lucky enough that several have gained the full trust. Sophia, Noel, most of my group, others that I talk to and never mention - The joy they bring to my life goes on my "real" world and I would not hesitate to meet them if I ever had the opportunity. [Well, ok, I might hesitate for a few minutes, freak out about not being the beautiful blonde avatar with the perfect body and clothes, and then get over it.]

It is with most of these people that I have the ability to have the comfortable silence with. We don't have to constantly be running our mouths. We can sit quietly together doing our own things, and simply be together. It is that kind of thing that makes Second Life so so so much more than just some computer program, some chat platform, some game, although I will never call SL a game.

Last night I came into SL with my feelings hurt, and believe me, it has been a while since I have had my feelings actually hurt since I have developed a fairly thick skin over the past few years out of necessity. Immediately the two people I trust the most were right there for me. They made me laugh in their own ways, they let me talk, and one sat quietly with me just listening when I wanted to say something. I went to bed feeling better, wanted, loved, needed, and special.

Yes, there is drama in Second Life. There can be anger and hatred. People can deliberately be cruel. But there is more to it than that.

There can also be joy.


Heather said...

This is a like a "Thought for the day". Well said.

Unknown said...

Loved this - you have really explained well how true the emotions are when you meet SL people.

Anonymous said...

Seriously and are my sister by every world.

love you girly...


Emerald Wynn said...

Aw, I haven't been over here in a while, and I'll admit that it's because sometimes it hurts to see pics of the group here having so much fun.

I feel sort of on the outskirts of our circle of friends these days . . . and a lot of that is because I'm a kind of a loner, and some of it is because I don't have a partner, and some of it is because I feel awkward for other reasons -- but some of it is because I'm the only one without CHICKENS (LOL!) . . . but I have witnessed the outpouring of support for you and our other friends during painful times and YES, there is a really special thing going on there.

There are such beautiful souls in SL and I would have never met many of them if it weren't for you. Thank you.

When I do come over to your blog, I usually learn something, and today's an example of that. Friends to lean on are a precious gift in any world. We are in opposite places at the moment because I just lost a good SL friend and it HURTS LIKE HELL, but your statement rings so true. I didn't realize how good I had it until my 'BFF' up and left.

So yeah, I second your sentiments. Hold your friends close to your heart in any world -- and cherish every moment with them.

Adric Antfarm said...

I'm not capable of the complex human emotions required to comfort you, but I can say I think you are making a difference encouraging others to write and maybe bringing together a very fragmented SL blog community.

Your advice on not needing a firm topic, hours of contemplation, and complicated structure is so good to hear. The blog "experts" suggest just the opposite and it does indeed discourage the average person (who oddly enough lacks a journalism degree).