Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BBBC Topic for Wednesday

Please check the BBBC blogroll that's on my page to make sure that I put your correct blog up. I want to make sure everyone participating gets their link up! :)

The topic for Wednesday, should you choose to use it:

If there was someone you could trade places with for one day in Second Life, who would it be and why? Bonus points if you find this person and snap a picture with them!


Adric Antfarm said...

Another good one.

Maybe we could just keep this going or you could email me daily for the next year? Topics can be the hardest part.

Also - if anyone is looking at the blogroll, do not put too much faith in the time of last post. It's a good 24 behind on me (but it is said to hate stand alone domains).

wrenling windlow said...

hmmm i didn't see mine.. but what an amazing collection of blogs! i get lost in blog threads everytime I go to see who else has joined!