Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's coming!

Oh the wait is almost over. My video card safely made it to my local UPS sorting station at 3:44am and it'll be here today!!!! People complain about lag and stuff in SL a lot, and I know sometimes it really IS SL itself, but sometimes it really is just you. Not that you should have to go out and buy a super computer just for SL, but...it wouldn't hurt. :-p

I really do want to thank my friends for putting up with my issues the past almost 3 weeks. They were so patient when it would take me 10 minutes to rez one store [for the love of Phil, designers, PLEASE - stop making every little thing sculpty! It looks horrible while rezzing and often takes a LONG LONG LONG time to rez! Prims still work and work really well for most things!] They were nice enough to just hang out with me at home when I couldn't go anywhere, they'd let me just go home to de-lag myself when I needed to, and they would tp me anywhere I needed to go directly to where I needed to be. In short, they were angels.

I am just so looking forward to being able to rez quickly. To see shaders and shiny and windlight again. To actually see the terrain without it being all blurry. To do reviews for my blog without crashing 50 times taking 3 pictures. To try out the shadow viewer thing. To see fug and know that's what it actually is, not just my computer making everyone look like hell. And most of all, to take pictures without photoshopping them to death just to look decent!!

Not that it's always a bad thing. :) At least, I sure hope it's not. I guess we'll see how this really looks tomorrow when I get set up again!



Noelyci said...

Awwww, no more playing guest photographer....

Alicia Chenaux said...

Like I'd ever stop you from taking my picture. ;)