Monday, June 15, 2009

A little bonus for the BBBC!

Mr. New World Notes, Hamlet Au, burst into my IM box last night with a little bonus for the challengers!

He's got some some of his own topicsthat he'd love to read, and may even link to in NWN. Choose one to write about and leave him your link in the comments of that post! Easy easy. :) So if you've never been in NWN before and maybe you've always wanted to be, here's your chance! Even if you don't care about being in there, the topics are still pretty good and a nice change if you don't particularly care for whatever topic I gave out that day and don't have anything else to write about.


Adic Antfarm said...

Okay.. I'll bite.

What is going on with my linky on the side?

The bottom part is all sad and 404.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Sometimes the blogs won't update if they're on a full website and not just a blogsite, like wordpress or blogspot. Let me try to figure it out. :)