Friday, June 19, 2009

The BBBC 2009 Wrap-Up

We did it! Final day and tomorrow we can slack off again. :) Or maybe some of you won't, maybe you'll keep up writing if not every day, then at least a few times a week. I hope that you do.

I had a blast this week! It was incredible to me how many people signed up, and how many kept going even though writing so much was totally outside their normal routine. I have met some great new people that I hope I'm able to keep in touch with. My normal blogroll will be going back in its usual place, but the BBBC Blogroll will remain, although not completely expanded as it is now. I'm not sure if anyone has ever really noticed, but my blogroll from this time last year is still in place at the verrrry bottom of my blog, and it includes last year's challengers. As you can see, we went from almost 30 challengers last year to over 60 this year! Quite impressive!!

So what did I get out of doing this a 2nd year in a row? Pretty much what I got out of it last year. I got the chance to meet some wonderful people, and I was inspired by all of you. You guys bring so much to the Second Life community, each in your own beautiful, inventive, creative, unique ways. I've heard people say, "Well, I don't really DO anything in Second Life." Not true! You do far more than you know! It has really been an honor to read your words, whether you stuck to the topics I gave, or you jetted off on your own thing. I am constantly amazed by the blogging community - the creativity, the passion, the style. I have laughed hysterically over some posts, and some have touched me so deeply in ways I never thought they would. Thank you, for everything.

Would I organize this again next year? You can bet your last $L on it.

But for now? Let's rest!!


Adric Antfarm said...

Thank you for your organization and guidance. It made the difference.

It almost makes me wish I had not decided to give the award to myself before the thing started so I could at least have considered you, but I couldn't reschedule the ceremony.

If it is any comfort, it was a lovely ceremony and I was very gracious when I accepted the award from myself.

Emyly Beaumont said...

Thank you for the chance to meet some great bloggers I would never have met otherwise.

Jordyn Carnell said...

I'm gonna have to shift my BBBCs to next week.. this week's just TOOO packed.. BUT, be sure to hit me up next week!!!