Monday, June 29, 2009

So Full

I took the weekend away from writing and now I have about a billion things to say. Isn't that the way it goes? :)

I had the chance to DJ the SL Bloggers Meet Up this Sunday. It was SO FUN. Unfortunately I was unable to actually catch any shots during the party and save them as I usually do, but I did manage to get a few pics in over at Snapzilla. I put them all in an photo album, and hopefully that link will take you right over. :) It was truly a blast and huge thanks to Tymmerie for organizing it and Noelyci for hosting us out there. :)

Since I keep getting asked, my little Holly girl is doing just great! Her spaying surgery went very well and she had the fastest recovery of any kitty I've ever had! Really, just a couple of hours after I got her home, she wanted out of her carrier, but I did as the vet said and didn't let her come out until after 5. She was stumbling and woozy, but so so happy to be home. I think we're going to have to get her those Soft Paws things, though, because she just can't control her claws and our legs are totally scratched up.

My Holly girl

My friend Merrick has been learning Sculpt Studio lately, and again I am amazed at how freaking talented my group of friends really are. He hasn't been using it very long, but check this out. He made an awesome 1 prim table and a 2 prim matching chair. So cute!

Merrick's Furniture

Noel took me sailing the other day. I hadn't been sailing in SL in so long, so it was really really fun! I have sailed a little around Bluebonnet in my crappy boats, but I'm not a very good sailor, I guess, because I always end up crashing into something. It was nice to be out on the water with him.

Sailing Away

Of course, sim crossings killed us and we ended up on the bottom of the ocean. But hey, it was still fun. :)

I'm really feeling the beach lately. Sophia was nice enough to drop down her cute open air beach cottage for me the other day, and I had to run out to Mudshake to get a lounger for it. I still need to decorate it more. Wow, that's the story of my life usually. :) But I love it.

Beach Lay

But since I am so into the beach lately, I bought some of those "off sim" things. I love them! Some of the other Bluebonnet residents have had different ones over the past few months. I even have one that if I sit on it, I can be off world. It's really kind of fun. :) Sophia and I discovered today that if we are sitting on it, though, we can't chat in local. However, we can shout. It's really funny. :)


Speaking of Soph, she gave me a beating stick today. I freakin' love it. LOL I think I just love the face I make when I swing more than anything else. I did beat down her husband, though. Sorry about that, Subway.

Beatin' Stick!

Oh, and I also censored him.

I censored him.

But...well then he caged us. LOL! I think Soph managed to beat him with her bat through the cage, though. We're mean cholas, ya know.


I have more to say, about a few topics, actually, but I think I'm done for now. :) My SLife is so incredibly full and wonderful. Just when I think that maybe possibly I might be getting slightly bored [which is very rare for me in any life], suddenly there's something new to do, to see, new people to talk to or hang out with. It really is a wonderous world. :)


Isle Lunasea said...

Hillarious pics!! You have the best kind of fun. I love the open air beach cottage, would love to see one, maybe buy.

That beating stick is wicked.. NEED! and the lounger, comes with that pose?

I see I have shopping to do :)

Thanks for the fun post.

Unknown said...

I was so incredibly impressed with Merrick's table and chair. He really has skillz.

The beating stick it too funny - and it reminds me that I *need* to find a pinata game in SL.