Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm tired today. Or maybe not so much tired as just...well, there's not really a word. Listless? Drained? Lethargic? Maybe those would work better.

I've been working on my new review blog the past few days, just moving posts over and such. Anything that is there at the moment has been in here already, but you're welcome to go visit. :) I have 3 posts coming up that haven't been in here before, but the pictures aren't finished yet. Once I get those done, I'll see about getting it on a couple of fashion feeds. I don't want to go overboard. One of the reasons why I don't read many feeds is because I don't like seeing the same blogs on 50 different feeds. :)

I took some time the other day to go explore out at the new Zindra continent, AKA "Hey, you child avs ain't allowed here," AKA "Where's the porn?" After landing smack in the water with a few other avs, flying up, and following arrows, I found the middle of nothing. So I climbed up on my elephant from the Cicc..Cico...Chocolata hunt and wandered until I found the very beginning of the road.

Exploring Zindra

We walked for a while. The funniest thing was when a plane showed up out of nowhere. It was seriously the most interesting thing I saw.

Hey, plane.

I did eventually make my way to the more populated area of Mosh, but even that was deadly boring. Tell me when the porn gets there.

And last night we had our rave. It was a BLAST. I really had so much fun. I wish all of you could have been there. :)


I guess I'll work on my review pics now. I just have no energy!

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Lionesse Vandyke said...

I wish I could have been there too and meet you all but I live in Belgium, so I guess I was in dreamland while you all were raving like hell:-))