Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Party tonight!!!

Tonight is our Hump Day Party/BBBC mid-week party! It's a RAVE, BABY! We'll be in the Bluebonnet Party Ball! 2 hours of thumpy bumpy music, pretty colors, and lots of fun! It starts at 8pm SLT as usual, and I hope you guys can make it!

A more Euro-time party is being planned as well, but more info on that as I get more info on it. :)

[PS: Half of Bluebonnet will be closed to the public for a while today while I do some stuff, so if you wanted to get into the ball early for pictures or whatever, I haven't banned you (probably), I'm just working. Residents of Bluebonnet are not affected by this.]

1 comment:

wrenling windlow said...

tooootally crashed lol but the dance area looked incredible! thank you for having such a fab party!