Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back To The Sandbox

After my last post, I headed to my favorite sandbox and set about building a belt. I've seen belts with all kinds of things on them, but I haven't seen any that are photography based. Not to say that there might not be one out there, but I haven't seen it. I want to make my belt with a camera, some little film canisters, maybe a pouch, and another lens thing. [This goes to show how much I don't know about real photography, so I'm googling like crazy.]

It's sometimes hard to work in a sandbox because there's almost always that ONE guy who is running around, banging into people, or simply SITTING on their workspace.

Move it!

He wasn't a newbie. He's over a year old. He came to sit on top of my stuff after running around, flying around, pushing some poor alien all over the place, and hitting on a girl who was there just trying to open some boxes. I'm usually nice to everyone when I meet them, but I wasn't very polite to this guy and told him to get off of my stuff. Just plain rude, that's what he was!

But, I finally got the camera part done. I need to make some additions to it, and get it textured better, but I think it's cute so far.

Beginning of the Camera Belt

I didn't have a texture to simulate glare on the lens and flash, so I whipped one up in Photoshop. It sucks. :-p But it works. I'm not recreating a perfect camera. And of course the belt won't be staying like that, it'll have parts and texture, but I just needed a belt to fit my shape so I could see how big to make things.

I have to admit, it was really really nice to get back to building something. As much as I love shopping, there's just something completely therapeutic about making something with your own two hands. Or, um, your own mouse clicks. :)


Calaya Criss said...

aww how fun! and cute! Can't wait to see how it turns out ^^! oh and ahermm maybe you can toss one my way with an autograph or somethin on it! :P

Anonymous said...

Whenever I want some privacy in a sandbox, I make a platform up in the sky. Nobody can find you up there, and even if they could, it would be too hard to actually get to you.