Monday, February 18, 2008

I Need A Nap.

Before anything else, I wanted to say thank you [again] to those of you who have offered support, words of encouragement, or just an IM box for me to vent in this past week. I think today settled a lot of matters, and the weight that's been on my back this past week has lifted considerably. I ate my first real meal in a week today, and I think I may even be able to sleep more than 2-3 hours tonight. Woot! :)

I hit up the Shiny Things group sale last night. There wasn't a huge selection, BUT I was extremely happy that the boots I had my eye on were up for sale!! I first spied the lovely Glossy Ribbon Boots on a girl who was at Primtionary a few days ago. I loved them immediately, but I didn't think they were worth $500L. However, they were definitely worth $250L at the group sale! Plus there's a HUD so I can change the color of the laces in the boots. I'm a happy camper. And I picked up a pair of basic black pumps that fit my feet, don't bling, click, or have gems and other doodads on them. [Does anyone remember the snack mix called Doo-Dads?] But yes, Shiny Things group sale - pretty good stuff. I may go back after my shift tonight and pick up another pair of shoes.

Oh that's right, tonight I'm hosting a Come As You Are event at 7pm tonight, if anyone wants to pop by. I am supposed to have a DJ, but you know how that goes. LOL If for some reason she doesn't show up, I'll be taking the stream. But hopefully she'll show up because the one time I've had the opportunity to hear DJ Rhyssa, she was really good.

Excellent ideas on what my next project should be! I'm starting to kind of dig the cheap store idea, but I'd have to really focus my attention on building before putting that together. But it would be great to make some stuff [like my camera belt] that is just cute to have and that you don't have to pay $200L for. And I like the 20 dates idea, too. Finding men willing to date me might be a problem, though. :-p Or maybe I should just get myself a string of prim babies. Or cats! Give me more ideas, I love what you all come up with!

I'm so tired. I got maaaaaybe 2 hours of sleep last night before my mom called at 7:15 this morning [actually, I am working on less than 2 hours of sleep, now that I think about it] so I think a nap is definitely in order.

Or a round of Guitar Hero. You know. Whichever.

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Sidonie said...

Hey Hon, some friend I am, didn't even realize things were so bad. Please talk to me any time. I have passed over a necklace and earrings as a cheer up giftie.