Monday, March 16, 2009

The beauties of my life

I can't believe it's taken me this long to show this photo. I'm lazy lazy. LOL

It would be near impossible for us to ever get an entire group shot. We're all over the globe and have such different schedules. So we were totally lucky the other night to get 10 of us online at the same time. We got over to Sacred Studio so Skyhawke could do a group photo for us. I have to say, it came out AMAZING and it's currently my desktop wallpaper. :)

The group - some, anyway!

Click on it to go view it big in Flickr, because it's just so lovely.

From left to right: Elora, Tristan, QueenKellee, Aisuru, Sophia, Sehra, Sai, me, Nikki, and Pumpkin.

I've said it before, but LOOK at them. Don't I have the most beautiful group of friends ever? If you're able to call any of them your friend, consider yourself extremely blessed.

Big thanks to Skyhawke for putting up with us while taking our picture. I know it couldn't have been easy. LOL!!

Alicia Chenaux: i'm like the pink cream in the sai & nikki oreo.

Sophia Harlow: pumpkina, do you have chanclas on?
Sophia Harlow: cns
Alicia Chenaux: LMFAO
Pumpkin Saenz: lmfao
Alicia Chenaux: omg
Pumpkin Saenz: MAYBE
Sehra Kauffman: omg
Sophia Harlow: omgggg
Sehra Kauffman: those are terrible
Pumpkin Saenz: lol
Sehra Kauffman: shame
Alicia Chenaux: my abuela used to wear those.

Pumpkin Saenz: You're gonna get a beating Alipants
Alicia Chenaux: woot!

Sophia Harlow: im looking to make sure everyone has panties on
Pumpkin Saenz looks at her boots and yells "REZ, DAMN YOU!"
Sai Pennell: lol
Sehra Kauffman: i doooooont
Nikkidancer Zenovka: i dont
Sophia Harlow: stuck?
Sai Pennell: i dont either :P
Pumpkin Saenz: Sorry to disappoint, Soph
Sophia Harlow: you look adorable btw
Tristan Micheline: i see them
Sehra Kauffman: no panties for meeeee

Sophia Harlow: i look like the callgirl of the group
Alicia Chenaux: you mean you're not?

Nikkidancer Zenovka: i think the better question would be, who *is* wearing panties?


Marnix Malifozik said...

The guy must have been pulling his hair out trying to get you lot to stand still long enough to take the shot ;)

Casandra Shilova said...

Great Shot - each persons individualness (that's a word right? lol) comes out!

Hey Noel called us his Angels tonight!

Cas stretches her arms *this wide* and hugs the whole group!

Anonymous said...

Is so sad I missed it but you all look fab as always girls :D !

Heather said...

How fun! This is a great picture! :)

C said...

This is awesome!
Everyone looks great.

Pumpkin Saenz said...

That was a fun shot. <3