Sunday, March 22, 2009

My personal health/lite shopping challenge.

I've been shopping a lot lately.


I shop because I join my friends on their shopping trips. I shop to distract myself from thinking too much. I shop to keep myself busy when I'm alone. And I shop because Second Life creators make beautiful things that I want.

But with SL shopping, and RL issues, I've noticed something in the past few weeks. I'm feeling really run down, and although I've never been thin in my life, I'm gaining more weight. If only I had RL sliders! But I don't, so I end up looking at myself in the mirror like this a lot.

Big Booty

So to curb my out of control spending, and my out of control unhealthy habits that I've collected lately, I'm putting myself on a diet of sorts.

Every day for one week, I must complete the following each day:

1. Less sugar, more lean protein & veggies, and I have to eat more often. I'm bad at not eating enough and just eating junk when I do eat. And I have to drink more water. I used to drink a LOT of water and now I don't and that's bad.

2. I have to workout for at least 30 minutes each day. Whether it's walking on the treadmill or dancing to some exercise video, I must do a minimum of 30 minutes.

3. I have to take half and hour every day just for "me time." Don't get pervy. :-p I mean, just an hour where I don't do anything that is for someone else. Even if it's just sitting in bed doing crossword puzzles, or taking time to stare at my eyebrows in the mirror, I have to take the time to relax. I am so wound up almost every moment of the day, it's really affecting my health.

How does this all tie in with SL? Well, for 1 week I'm putting myself on a shopping diet. I can only shop for no calorie items - meaning freebies! Group gifts, free hunt gifts, etc. But if at the end of the night, if I've done everything I was supposed to do that day, I'm allowed to buy ONE thing I want, if I really want it. You would think this would be incredibly easy, but a great part of my SL lately has been shopping for whatever I want. I have so many "Oh, I need that!" items now, I don't even know what I have. Rewarding myself with one nice thing each night will be quite helpful.

Hmm...I think part of my "must do" list will be blogging once a day, too.

It's late now, so I'll head to bed.

[It also took me hours to finish this post because I got busy hanging out in SL.]


Casandra Shilova said...

My body seems to crave a LOT of water. Along with a glass at every meal and taking a bottle with me while I exercise,I always have water sitting in front of the computer monitor.

What about making the Route 44 a reward for sticking to your diet? Good luck!

Unknown said...

I'm going to join you on the challenge to drink more water. I used to drink tons all day long and I just got out of the habit. So for the next week or so "BRB" will be my most frequent IM so I can take ladies' room breaks. Good luck with your personal challenge - you can do it!

C said...

I hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

I kind of feel like your shopping pusher. :(

I could use a break from shopping too...Sky could also use a break from my shopping. I can't promise anything, but I will slow down. *coughs*

I support you making changes to help yourself feel any life.

love ya...


Pumpkin Saenz said...

Because I'm your pal, I'm going to join you in your challenge (it's really good!). I'm really bad with drinking water, but I've been drinking a lot of those flavored carbonated waters from HEB, Target & Wal-Mart. Zero calories, zero sugars and zero sodium and made with splenda. Plus the bubbly crap tricks your mind into thinking you're having soda or something. Maybe that's just my simple mind getting tricked, though. Also! Drink more green tea! I looooove the green tea with orange from Lipton!

<3 your Calabaza

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous idea and I am going to take some of these ideas myself :) good luck everyone!