Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On The Cover

I absolutely adore poses. I can spend hours in SL hopping around to different pose stores and just trying all of them out [and picking up a fair few!] I was really excited when Mashimaro Oh of On The Cover passed me a few poses to review! But I have a few pose stores that I really really want to review too, so for the next few days, I'll devote one entry to pose stores that I like, just so everyone gets a turn. :) And, let's face it, any time I can play with poses and take pics of myself, it's a great day to me!

On The Cover is inspired by RL magazine covers. I really like that because I love RL magazines [yes, the actual ones that are made of paper] and the cover models are always posed in a great way to enhance their beauty. I actually ended up taking too many pics of the poses, but I'll pick just a few to show and you all can get down to the store to look at more!

I am a HUGE fan of the Girls Next Door, so I'll show off the Holly & Bridget poses first!

Holly Madison

On The Cover - Holly

Bridget Marquardt [This is fitting because of Bridget's upcoming show, Bridget's Sexiest Beaches!]

On The Cover - Bridget

I had to go to the store and pick up the Kendra pose, just so I could complete the set. :)

Next, hanging out on my fiesta area as Alessandra Ambrosia.

On The Cover - Alessandra

The Ashley Harkleroad pose comes with a tennis racket!

On The Cover - Ashley

There are also wall poses available of different celebrities such as Fergie, Rosario Dawson, and others.

On The Cover - Wall

On The Cover - Wall

On The Cover also has couple poses, group poses, and the prices are very reasonable. There are also a couple of lucky chairs, Midnight Mania, Lucky Fortune, and some dollarbies available. Don't forget to join the subscribe-o-matic so you can be informed of sales and special gifts!

Also shown in this post:

Skin: 'Leona' by Redgrave
Eyes: 'Earth' by Miriel [free in the demo pack]
Hair: 'Wendy' by Truth
Bikini: Okalai Flower in pink by Intimizzio [Armidi]
1st Top: Ribbon Tank in light pink by Elephant Outfitters [Armidi]
Shorts: Jordan shorts in pink by Elephant Outfitters [Armidi]
Shoes: Demi Trainers in Bubblegum by ETD
2nd Top: Isis in wine by Zaara
Pants: Ishaya Velour in black by Zaara
Shoes: Ballet flats by ETD

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