Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'd like to thank the academy and....

So last week or so, ArminasX Saiman took on the impressive task of trying to figure out the Technorati rankings of SL blogs and compiling them into a huge list. But after people complained that tons of blogs on the list were dead blogs, and even more blogs were not on the list at all, he decided to compile yet another list. That is NOT a job that I would want to do. Not at ALL.

I came in at #46 on this list of 585 blogs. I'm a little shocked, and happy about it, even though I know that the list is not set in stone and never ever will be set in stone. It would be impossible! I'm right under Botgirl Questi's blog, which is an awesome place to be.

But here's what gets me. He did this just...for nothing, really. Just to see, just for curiosity's sake. He certainly didn't have to update the first list, but he did. ANd yet people are still complaining. People are whining that their blogs aren't higher, or their blogs didn't make it at all, even though they're not widely known and/or did not have a Technorati ranking. It's NOT an exact science!!

I think it's fun to look at the rankings. I know in my mind that they don't really mean anything in the long run, but it's funny to say "Well yes, I'm the 46th most popular blog." LOL!! Don't get all bent out of shape that your blog didn't make it when you don't update much or let anyone know you have a blog. Don't get discouraged that your blog, which you love, is #500 and not #5 like you thought it should be. Just keep doing your thing and having fun with it. That's what blogging should be about anyway. If you don't enjoy it, why do it?

/me goes to make a "I'm 46!" shirt. :-p


Shawn said...

What's the big deal? 'n0nSLensical!!' isn't featured ANYWHERE in that list, and I'm perfectly FINE with it!



I'm fine!



Unknown said...

I am so glad someone addressed this sensibly. Arminasx took on a Sisyphean task - he is amazing and so smart. There is no way to ever make everyone happy. I'm satisfied with my ranking - I know I do not update as frequently as a lot of blogs. But I also whore out my blog constantly to try and get more readers. Alicia - you are so right - blogging should be for your enjoyment and that is what counts.

ArminasX said...

Thanks for your kind words, Alicia!

While I take no responsibility for the ranks (they are computed by Technorati), I did have to feed in a list of SL blogs. That's the problem - I don't know all of them, and in fact no one does. "Quick, produce a list of 2000+ SL blogs from memory!"

If someone complains that I left them out, it's because I didn't know of them or somehow forgot them. I'll gladly add them in when I rerun the list.

It was fun, but waaay more work than I had ever imagined.

C said...

I can't believe Armi took on this task as you said he did it for nothing and there will always be someone who wasn't listed either because he didn't know of them or they aren't on Technorati or someone that takes issue with the ranking. Bleh, you can't win even if you are just trying to do a little good deed and harmless enteratinment. Everyone on this list, and who commented, is getting some recognition of their blog, like free advertising I guess, so it's win win all around. Everyone's happy now right? right? LOL

Personally I loved seeing so many blogs I'd never read before!

Oh - and when you make those t-shirts I want one please.

Anonymous said...

The blog I do with my friends is new, and I was not expecting to be on the list, but I am glad I read about it because it got me to get signed on on Technorati. Even though I still don't understand quite what it is they are gonna do for me. ;p

We have been around since January and do try to update everyday. And I also whore out my blog every chance I get. ;) I am always looking for ways to get more readers.

Maybe next year we will break into the 500! woot!

Love your blog, btw, Alicia :)