Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 146 - A quiet Easter

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it! :) I didn't do any Easter Bunny type pics this year. There have been many others and by people who were much more into it than me. Right now I'm just tired, and grateful. I spent a quiet Easter with my parents. My mother is doing much better, today being the first day that she hasn't been dizzy in well over a month. She was herself again today, chattering incessantly for hours while I was there. It was a good day.

But now I'm back in SL, and tonight I'm feeling a little...not quiet, but not NOT quiet. If that makes sense. :) So I'll just sit here in my pretty park and think about things and people and what's coming up this week. I want to have a party out here in the park soon. Maybe not this week, as I have some RL stuff going on, but maybe the next. And trivia...I want to play trivia again.

I should wrap this up and think about bed.


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