Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 152 - It was a long weekend

What a long, long weekend. I adore my family. I put them above everything else in my life. But so much forced know. :) My mother wanted to stay in the hotel with my aunt & cousin, so I agreed to do it. I also agreed to drive everywhere they wanted to go. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

I am so thankful to my plurk buddies, though! Oh, they so kept me sane over the weekend. They kept me from going Ali-credible Hulk in the mall yesterday when I was shopping with my 5 foot nothing, 100 pound mom, aunt and cousin and had to hear "I can't wear sleeveless, my arms are too fat" for the 20th time.

Yeah. Mine too.

It was nice to get home to my quiet house, and cuddles with my kitty, and log into SL. The island never looked so good.


My plurk buddies also helped me discover the wonder that is Pocket Metaverse. Only I couldn't figure out how to accept inventory using it, and that's really what I needed! You see, all weekend when I'd check my email, I'd see things being dropped off for me. And well, you guys know SL. Messages can cap for no reason. [It's 2010, can we get that fixed?!] I was really getting itchy to get into SL, even for a minute, because I so so so badly wanted to get the new Belleza skin - Elle! Squeeee! I love it!


I may still love the Belle skin more, though. But everyone needs an upgrade, and this one is just so so so pretty. It's probably been covered on the feeds like mad this weekend. I know it certainly was on plurk! If you're in the Belleza group [$250L joining fee if you aren't in it already], there's a free skin for you.

I'm heading back in world to play.

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