Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 148 - Fresh faced

I'm in the middle of doing blog pics for 3 different outfits right now. I know, how terribly sad for me. LOL! But it's actually pretty odd for me to bang them out like that. Not that I'll post 3 posts in the same day, most likely. If I do, they will be spaced pretty far apart. And no doubts, I will go back and reshoot a few pictures.

That's why the whole "OMG, you're supposed to credit poses!" thing kind of sticks under my skin a bit. Oh, I totally agree that posemakers need credit. In all my style posts, I credit which store I got the poses from. But as far as crediting individual poses by name...well, for myself and for many many other fashion bloggers, it would be almost impossible because we do not get on a stand, take one picture, and call it a day. In any given style post, I take many many shots. Different poses, different angles, all in the attempt to show off the item I'm reviewing to the best of my ability. There are so so many unbelievable photographers on the feeds. If I can come even slightly close to what they do, I consider it a good day! I can tell when I've rushed through something in an attempt to blog it quickly. So normally, I take a ton of pics, lay them out, look at them, crop, throw away, compare, sometimes reshoot, lay the new ones out, compare....lather, rinse, repeat. I'm not the only one who does this. So if you ask me to tell you what actual pose I used...heck, I'll just invite you over to flip through my posestands until you find it. Because I really won't remember. :)

This shot ended up on the "cutting room floor," so to speak, so I figure it's good enough for today's photo. The shape came with the new Enchantress outfit from Deviance, which will be in the style blog later tonight or tomorrow, but I kind of like the face. It won't replace my normal shape at all, but I think it's pretty.


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