Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 169 - We didn't mess up too badly

So earlier tonight, Rylan asked on plurk if some of us would mind coming out to help her terraform and decorate her land. Well, sure!

We're going to help!

But well, when she went to go buy trees, we took a break.

On a break

It was really a big plurk party. It was fun to meet up with plurkers that I haven't had a chance to meet in world before. We tried to start up the grill, because you know how it goes. But um...


Ok, so we can't cook.

Aww, Clementine and I are taking a break.


And she felt up my leg.

Clem loves my leg

So all was going well...terraforming was going on, objects were being moved around, and then - it happened.

SL went down.

Some people got knocked off, some went for an innocent relog and never came back. It's scary! 5 of us are still hanging out here, not wanting to move.

Oh hai!

You know what, though? We can't rez anything good, but we sure can rez dirty pictures. That's SL in a nutshell. :-p But for those, you'll have to go to plurk. This is a nice blog.


Clementine said...

I was totally feeling up your leg.

Dick SL! *shakes a tiny fist*

Cindy / Aka Chymecindy said...

I came across in a blogging world and found you... Love your blog.