Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 166 - Just freakin' close!

It of those days. I can't say it was BAD, but it wasn't very GOOD. And it's days like this that make me so damn grateful for SL because I could run in here and just escape and shop and chat and break out into dance at a store.


That's the super adorable Thema dancing next to me. She started the dancing! And various plurk friends were also at the store, Pash, which is having a big closing sale and has $1L skyboxes and trees and stuff.

Speaking of closing sales - What the hell is up with stores having "OMG We're closing!!" sales, causing people to lose their everlovin' shit to get into the sim to buy these things that they should NEVER be able to get again, and then springing the "OMG We can't leave our FANS!" bullshit?

Honey, please. If you're having a closing SALE, people are going to trip all over themselves to get to your store. Do NOT mistake this for having FANS. People love a sale. They LOVE to get a great deal. Seriously. Some people love it more than they love cake. And baby, people love them some cake. What they do not love is when they waste their money on your junk just because it was on sale and they thought that they would never be able to get it again and then see that they could have saved their money and bought it later at your little cramped vendor stall boutique at some craptastic [bombastic?] mall.

If you're having a closing sale - THEN YOU SHOULD CLOSE. If you just wanted to have a sale to make some quick cash because you heard Maitreya was coming out with new shoes, then you should have just done that. People still would have come to the sale. Or you could have at least just boxed up all your stuff and sent to your group, if you were going to give it away for free anyway. If you're supposedly closing down, why would you care about traffic to your sim?

I'm kinda burned out of closing sales. But, the one at Pash I couldn't pass up, because hello, $1L skyboxes.

I may be burned out, but I'm still a skybox collector.

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