Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 157 - Happy Anniversary Night & Margo!

My friends Night Singh & Margo Sciarri celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary in SL tonight. :) 2 years in SL...that's gotta be like 25 years in RL, right?? They had a lovely jazz party with live singer Shasta Soulstar. It was very very nice!


Don't look at Tymmerie's eyelashes. They didn't rez for me when I'd taken this pic. LOL

The happy couple. I didn't get Margo's face because she's really really petite, and I was trying to get an angle where she wasn't pretty much buried inside of Night. But trust me, she's totally cute. :)

Night & Margo

Shasta, who sang some great jazz, swing, and romantic songs for 2 hours.

Shasta Soulstar

The fact that he showed up with a parrot really made me laugh.


Now, as fun as the party was, I have to admit - it's not awesome having to attend these kinds of things alone. I think I may need to find a guy who doesn't mind wearing a suit and escorting me to events like formal parties and weddings! So, what's a girl to do but take full advantage of the bar?

So I drank.

More to drink

And drank some more.

Drink up!

But then a nice gentleman asked if I'd like to dance. Hell, even if he hadn't been nice, I probably would have said yes just to stop drinking by myself.

I got a dance partner!

I'd say he swept me off my feet...but in this dress, I didn't even appear to HAVE feet.

I'm high

I swear I'm wearing some great heels under the dress.

Congrats again, Night & Margo, for making it for 2 years! Despite Margo's love of the song "Happy Trails," I'm pretty sure we'll be dancing again at your 3rd wedding anniversary next year! ♥


Unknown said...

Arrrrrggghh!! Not having my eyelashes rez is one of my nightmares. Sigh. Oh well.

I have to tell you that I was cracking up as your drink orders kept showing up in chat, one after another. You can really hold your prim liquor!!!!

Margo Sciarri said...

lol - thank you so much for this Ali - we were so happy to have you there, although I was a little concerned about people who didn't have someone to dance with. But it wouldn't have been the same without you, so I'm glad you came!